Hello! My name is Alex Chzhen, I’m a software engineer, living and working in Vancouver, BC.

About Blog

I had never thought that I would start a blog, partially because I always thought that I don’t know enough to write about something. But in 2020 this idea about a blog visited my mind a few times and I decided to start small.

I usually post on the topics that I encounter at work or in my free time learning, for example, azure, asp.net core, C#, CI/CD, IaC etc.

First of all, it is quite fun, but besides that there are other benefits of blogging:

  1. Learning new things and structuring existing knowledge - writing a post on a topic you want to learn or understand better is a great way to motivate and organize yourself!
  2. Helping others - not sure that my posts would ever rank on Google but really hope that some people will find this content useful.
  3. Connecting with people - I’d really like to use this blog as a tool to connect with other professionals and enthusiasts all over the world, and my LinkedIn is mentioned below.

Also, please let me know if any information in posts is inaccurate or wrong, I’d be happy to learn about it and correct the mistakes.

From the technical side this blog is very simple and made with Jekyll using the Tale theme.

About Me

I believe in the idea of a growth mindset and that we all can learn and improve. I first encountered this term in Microsoft and it really resonated with me because it was something I had experienced before.

I studied organic chemistry (bachelor) and project management (master) during my time in the university in Ukraine. I consider myself being lucky for not having a straightforward path to software engineering which taught me some valuable lessons.

I started working full time as a software engineer in 2017 during my last year of bachelor’s degree and continued through my master’s degree. Balancing study, work, career, and personal life was challenging but very fun and productive.

In my career I seek challenges and new experience, it’s important for me to be useful and deliver value. In addition to that, I believe that friendly and safe work environment is a prerequisite for team’s high performance.


I would be happy to connect with you, so feel free to reach out on LinkedIn with a message or question!